Hollywood Road Hong Kong

Hollywood Road Hong Kong

Enjoy Antiques Shopping at Hollywood Road Hong Kong!

People the world over know that China is the place to go to find truly stunning antiques. Because China is a country with a long and intensely interesting past, there is really no end to the variety of gorgeous and truly ancient items of porcelain, furnishings and authentic clothing that can be found there.

In Hong Kong, Hollywood Road is the place to go when looking for the best and the most antiques. This well traveled road was built long before the Hollywood in California. In fact it was the second road that was built in the new Hong Kong colony way back in 1844. It was called Hollywood Road because at that time, it was surrounded by a Holly Wood.

Today, Hollywood Road Hong Kong is filled with fascinating shops and galleries offering extremely valuable and unusual antiques at high prices, as well as enjoyable and moderately priced collectibles from the Mao era. Antique lovers visiting Hollywood Road will be delighted by the generous and varied selection of Chinese antiques of every kind.

It’s important for visitors to Hollywood Road Hong Kong to remember that items are not priced to sell! Instead, they are priced to barter and lively bargaining is expected. When you shop for antiques along this road, you can really feel you have accomplished something when you make your way back to your digs with your treasures at the end of the day!

In addition to marvelling at and bartering over antiques, visitors can also take in the scenery. Close at hand, tourists will find a number of famous parks and historical landmarks. On Hollywood Road, itself, is the Man Mo Temple. This ancient building, dating back to the earliest days of this street honours “Man” the god of literature and “Mo” the god of war. Inside the temple, visitors will find themselves hushed and calmed by the sweet scent of incense and the cool, quiet atmosphere.

Another must-see historical landmark is an example of early British Colonial architecture – the Central Police Station. This building was built by the British just 20 years after the building of Hollywood Road. Since that time, it has been added on to a number of times; however, it’s still an excellent example of the British influence on much of Hong Kong’s architecture.

It’s easy to find a good place to stay in this area because the Hong Kong Central Business District is located close by. The choice of places to stay is many and varied. You could stay at a 5 star luxury hotel or a simple youth hostel or anything in between. The choice is up to you and your pocketbook!

Just south of Hollywood Road is the SOHO district. This is a famous area for entertainment of all kinds and fine dining. Travelers will find night clubs, comedy clubs, art galleries, bars, restaurants and more antique stores piled one-on-top-of the other and accessed by a giant outdoor public escalator. The SOHO district is definitely a must-visit destination after a day of antiques shopping at Hollywood Road.

To get around Hollywood Road and the SOHO district, travelers can easily use the public bus system, the MTR, or private cabs. Several of the pricier accommodations also offer shuttle services to popular spots in Hong Kong.