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While eating at a restaurant, you may see a Hong Kong drink on the menu that you’ve never heard of before. These are drinks people in Hong Kong enjoy.

Many of these drinks can be found in convenience stores or grocery stores as well. Instead of finding fruit flavoured juices at the store, you’ll see lots of Hong Kong style drinks in cans or juice boxes. These drinks include milk tea, lemon tea, soy milk, sugar cane juice and other types of cold teas.

In Hong Kong style restaurants you can order most drinks as either a hot or cold drink. Cold drinks usually cost a little bit more than hot drinks do.

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Milk Tea

Milk Tea

One of the drinks that originated in Hong Kong is milk tea. Milk tea consists of black tea mixed with evaporated milk. It can be served hot or cold, depending on how you want it. It seems that everyone in Hong Kong has a different way of preparing their milk tea because of how different it tastes depending on how much of each ingredient is used. The more/less sugar, milk or tea used can completely change the way milk tea tastes. So experiment for yourself and see how you like it.

Lemon Tea

Lemon Tea

Lemon tea is another Hong Kong drink consumed frequently in Hong Kong. This kind of tea is prepared by pouring black tea into a cup, adding a sweetener such as honey or liquid sugar syrup, and finishing by adding a couple slices of lemon. This drink can be served hot or cold. The cold version has ice added to the cup before the tea is added. When you receive the lemon tea, you’ll notice that there’s a straw and a long, skinny spoon in the cup. The spoon is used to squeeze the juices out of the lemon for some fresh flavour from a real lemon.

Red Bean Ice

Red Bean Ice

Another drink you may see on the menu is red bean ice. This is a well known Hong Kong drink that lots of people enjoy. It’s made from red beans, liquid sugar syrup and milk. Sometimes people will put ice cream on top of it and have it for dessert.

Pineapple Ice

Pineapple Ice

Pineapple ice is a Hong Kong style drink that contains pineapple slices at the bottom, water, ice, and sweetener like liquid sugar. It tastes sweet and has a hint of fruit flavour from the sliced fruit.

Pineapple Ice may be a little confusing to some. When I saw it on the menu it said Pineapple slush. I was expecting a drink blended with pineapple and ice.

Bubble Tea

A popular drink which started in Taiwan and later came to Hong Kong is Bubble Tea. These are drinks usually made with tea and mixed with a fruit. Bubble Tea comes with pearls (balls made of tapioca) that sit at the bottom of the drink. Pearl milk tea is the most common form of Bubble Tea. It can also be made only with fruit and ice, similar to a slush from 7-11, with or without pearls at the bottom of the cup. The pearls are bigger than a standard size straw, so a larger size straw is given to those who put pearls in their Bubble Tea so they can drink them with the liquid.



Ovaltine is a popular Hong Kong drink found on many menus in cafes in Hong Kong. It’s a powder made from barley and malt extract and cocoa powder. Milk is added to the Ovaltine and served either hot or cold. The drink is served unsweetened with a cup of liquid sugar on the side. This way each person can sweeten their drink to their desired level.



Horlicks is a powder made from wheat flour and malted barley. Horlicks is added to milk and can be served hot or cold, similar to Ovaltine. Liquid sugar accompanies the drink so that it can be sweetened to your personal desired sweetness.

Jasmine Tea

Herbal Tea

Tea is the base of a lot of drinks in Hong Kong. Along with these Hong Kong style drinks, a lot of people drink herbal teas as well. These teas include green tea, black tea, earl grey tea and many others.



If you’re looking for a nice cold beer in Hong Kong, there are some good Chinese beers you can try. Tsingtao is a popular Chinese beer consumed in Hong Kong. Other Chinese beers worth trying include Yanjing and Hong Kong Beer.

Founded in the Phillipines and brewed in Hong Kong, San Miguel beer is the most popular beer in Hong Kong. Blue Girl, a South Korean beer, is another popular choice. Sonderberg beer is a light imported beer that’s found mainly in Hong Kong.

If you’re looking for something a little more familiar, European influence has brought over beers such as Heineken, Carlsberg and Stella Artois.

There are many other Hong Kong drinks you can find all across Hong Kong. These are some of the most popular ones you’ll find.

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