Ting Kau Bridge

Ting Kau Bridge

Ting Kau Bridge

The Ting Kau Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge that connects Tsing Yi Island and Tuen Mun Road in the New Territories. This is an important bridge that connects traffic from the north western part of the New Territories to the rest of Hong Kong.

At 1177 metres long, the Ting Kau Bridge is one of the longest cable-stayed bridges in the world. It was the first major 4-span cable-stayed bridge built in the world. The bridge has 3 lanes on each side for a total of 6 lanes of traffic. The bridge is toll free.

The Ting Kau Bridge is part of one of the two major roads that brings drivers from the border of Mainland China into Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. The completion of this bridge in 1998 helped lower the traffic on the only major highway at the time that brought drivers into Hong Kong from China. The highway which runs along this bridge is a much more popular route for people transporting goods because of less residential areas on this road. Due to the bridge’s popularity, the Ting Kau Bridge carries the most traffic out of all the bridges in Hong Kong.

The Ting Kau Bridge is adjacent to the Tsing Ma Bridge which connects Tsing Yi Island to Ma Wan Island. The Tsing Ma Bridge can be seen while driving on the Ting Kau Bridge and vice versa.

If you’re interested in seeing these bridges, you can visit the Lantau Link Visitors Centre for some very nice views. The Lantau Link Visitors Centre can be found on the north western end of Tsing Yi Island. A nice viewing point is available here where you can see the Tsing Ma Bridge and the Ting Kau Bridge. It’s a bit of a walk to get up to the viewing point, but it’s well worth the effort in the end.

Once you’re done looking at the bridges, you can walk back to the Lantau Link Visitors Centre. Inside the Lantau Link Visitors Centre is information regarding the project to build the bridges, how these bridges compare to other ones all around the world, educational activities, and a souvenir shop.

You can get here by taking the MTR to the Tsing Yi MTR Station. Next take a bus up to the Lantau Link Visitors Centre.

If you go back to the Tsing Yi MTR Station, you can take the MTR across the Lantau Link to the next station, Sunny Bay MTR Station. The Sunny Bay MTR Station is the connecting MTR Station to take for the Hong Kong Disneyland MTR line that goes to Hong Kong Disneyland. If you continued on for 1 more station, you’ll end up at Tung Chung MTR Station where you can find Ngong Ping 360, Po Lin Monastery, Tian Tan Buddha and the Citygate Outlets. Just make sure you don’t take the Airport Express MTR line or you’ll end up at the Airport instead of Tung Chung Station.

The Ma Wan Park – Noah’s Ark amusement park is found on a nearby island called Ma Wan Island. Unfortunately Ma Wan Island isn’t accessible by MTR or car. If you want to visit Ma Wan Park – Noah’s Ark, you’ll have to take a bus or ferry from select destinations. There is a ferry that goes from the nearby Tsuen Wan Ferry Pier to Ma Wan Island. You can also take a red taxi to Ma Wan Island only during specific hours of the day.