Elements Hong Kong

Elements Hong Kong

Elements Hong Kong is a big shopping mall located in the Tsim Sha Tsui District of Kowloon, Hong Kong.

The name “Elements” is represented in this mall by the five Chinese elements: Wood, Earth, Fire, Water, and Metal. The mall is separated into five sections, one section for each element. Each elemental section of the mall is different from the other “Elements” in the mall.

The Wood Zone contains stores selling products for health,
beauty, fashion, and items for the home. Everything on display is made out of
wood in this section of the mall. Some of the stores found in the Wood Zone
include: Chanel, DKNY, Giorgio Armani, Estee Lauder, Mannings, Shiseido, Shu
Uemura, ThreeSixty, and Zara.

The Earth Zone specializes in brand name fashion stores and
electronics. Most stores in this area are aimed more towards men. There are
Earth themed art and displays throughout the Earth Zone. Some of the stores in
the Earth Zone include: Hugo Boss, Montblanc, Broadway, Diesel, Cerutti 1881,
IWC, and Juicy Couture.

Fire Zone is the entertainment part of Elements Hong Kong.
There’s a wide variety of stores and activities in this section of the mall.
You’ll find the Grand Cinema, which is the largest cinema in Hong
Kong. The Fire Zone also has an ice skating rink and a kid’s play
centre that has a nice view of the Victoria
Harbour. Here you’ll also
find many cafes like Starbucks, and lots of Western and Asian style restaurants
as well. The Fire Zone contains an open space in the mall where special exhibitions
are on display throughout the year.

Water Zone is where you’ll find more fashion stores as well
as Food Village food court which has many
different Asian style restaurants. Some of the shops found in the Water Zone
include: Armani Exchange, Calvin Klein, H&M, Zara, and Reiss. Water Zone
has an exhibition venue space as well.

The Metal Zone is known as the expensive part of Elements
Hong Kong. Stores in this section of the mall include: Bally, BCBGMAXAZRIA,
Burberry, BVLGARI, Coach, Gucci, Hermes, Kate Spade, Louis Vuitton, Prada,
Rolex, and Shanghai Tang. Metal decorations are on display throughout the Metal
Zone. An exhibition space is available as well.

With such a wide variety of shopping available in Elements
Hong Kong, this mall definitely has something for everyone. And the best part
about it is that certain sections of the mall are reserved for specific themed
stores. This makes it very easy for someone to shop at similar stores without
having to walk all the way across the mall to find them.

Tsim Sha Tsui is one of the most popular shopping districts
in all of Hong Kong. If you’re looking for
more shopping, you can visit other malls in Tsim Sha Tsui such as: 1881
, SOGO and Harbour
. There’s also lots
of shopping on the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui as well.

Another option is to take the MTR from Kowloon MTR station
to Hong Kong station and do some shopping at
ifc mall.

Nearby attractions include the Victoria Harbour,
Avenue of the Stars, Kowloon
Park, and A Symphony of

Elements Hong Kong is
conveniently located at the Kowloon MTR Station. Both the MTR Airport Express
line and the Tung Chung line stop at the Kowloon MTR station. Anyone who has a
layover at the Hong Kong
International Airport

can easily take the MTR Airport Express line to Kowloon Station for some quick
shopping at Elements.

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